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Meaningful Funnel

Learn about your funnel, your energy, and your successes. Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube or just click on the video above to play!

How to Thrive in an Agenda-Filled World

Enhance Your Contribution

A short video proposing a higher purpose for greaterness…

Dr. Michael interviewed by Bonnie Salamon

Bonnie Salamon interviews Dr. Michael and they discuss, “The masculine, a societal problem or something greater?” Enjoy! (Click here to listen to the audio via YouTube)

Blue Night

Blue Night is 45 minutes of neurological nutrition (Catalyst bodywork) delivered with no talking. There is music playing and soft lighting. The entire session promotes greater connectedness, body awareness (you being more in touch with your body), and somatic awareness

Guardian Within

Dr. Michael’s book, The Guardian Within, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Neuroplasticity Metrics

The neuroplasticity metrics is a quick self-assessment tool consisting of only 10 questions. If you are interested in taking the self-assessment and answering the 10 questions, click HERE to access it.

CAPS Assessment

The Conscious-Awareness Polarity Self-Assessment (CAPS Assessment) consists of 50 pairs of questions. When considered in pairs, these questions help you arrive at a single best answer. The CAPS Assessment also brings into conscious awareness specific areas that could use your


Here are a few promo videos: Greaterness Ripple, Grow, You Know that a Greater Success is in You, Greaterness (People Change – I’m Glad It’s You), Are You a Status Quo or a Go Getter? You Make the Call, Dr.