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Here are some videos by Dr. Michael to help you understand the mechanisms behind his work.

Meaningful Funnel

Learn about your funnel, your energy, and your successes. Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube or just click on the video above to play!

How to Thrive in an Agenda-Filled World

Enhance Your Contribution

A short video proposing a higher purpose for greaterness…


Here are a few promo videos: Greaterness Ripple, Grow, You Know that a Greater Success is in You, Greaterness (People Change – I’m Glad It’s You), Are You a Status Quo or a Go Getter? You Make the Call, Dr.

Top Five Things You’re Doing Wrong

In speaking the language of people who focus on problems, here are “the top five things you’re doing wrong.”

Frances and Michael

Michael had cameras set for an interview, Frances came home, Michael turned on the cameras, this is the result.

Rebecca’s Interview

Dr. Michael was a guest on Rebecca Lafferty’s radio show. Here are some highlights from that episode. Enjoy… 1 of 9: Can We Change Our Thoughts? 2 of 9: How Do We Know? 3 of 9: Are Unkind Thoughts Harming

Forward Healing

Perhaps Dr. Michael’s greatest contributions to the wellness revolution are his models surrounding the health paradigm, thriveapeutics, and forward healing. These models embrace life’s challenges with concepts that are easily associated with positive psychology. Instead of focusing on the “problems”

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Human Toolbox

The human toolbox is a powerful model that takes into account the brain, the changing states of the brain, and working well with archetypes. Developed by Dr. Michael as part of his revolutionary package, the human toolbox empowers people to